What have we become? A question often asked, but never answered. A question that nobody really wants to know the answer to. What are we really? A race of inbred prejudice, a world of hateful oppression, a planet filled with destructive demagogues and brutal demigods. A decaying society wallowing in its own waste; watching as everything it had built up is slowly torn back down. Are we really as blind as this? Can we truly be this lost? Sitting back while everything around us falls apart; waiting for the final hour, upon when nothing else shall ever disturb our slumber again. Our self destructive pattern, be it individually manifested; a mental conflict which will lead only to death, or as a collective goal; the ultimate vision -- total annihilation of all humanity. What have we really become? Idiot drones in a world of ever growing chaos; the voices of our minds but a torrent of aimless, meaningless jabber swallowed up by the silence of eternity. God is dead. Or so said Nietzsche, but so are we, inside. Dead but breathing, dead but fighting, dead but fucking. An entire society of the living dead, and not a one that knows it. From the outside we look in, we laugh at those less fortunate than us, we make jokes about those less beautiful, we mock those less powerful, sneer at those less famous or popular, vilify those less 'normal'. Do we ever stop and wonder what side of the wall we're really on? What is fortune? What is beauty? How about power, fame, popularity? For that matter, what is normal? Take a look in the mirror, what do you see? Can you answer that question? Honestly? The hypocrisy and self deception that have seeped into the very core of our modern society blind us to the truth. You aren't looking in at the abnormal in a box. You are in the box, with the free looking in at you. Take another look.

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