The Magic Factor

Okay, and now for some diversion from the usual topics of psychology. You must be asking yourself, what does magic have to do with psychology? Well, lots. But the magic in this section has nothing to do with the metaphysical kind of magic. No, the magic I'm talking about is how you see the world. What? What do you mean magic? What does that have to do with seeing the world? Well, that's the common response from most grown-ups because they have lost the magic and view their lives as just something that happens.

You see, to a grown-up, everything is explainable, everything is just normal and there is no need for magic. So who has magic? Well, children have magic. When you are a child the entire world is magical. Everything is magical and mystical. A tree is not just a tree, it's more than just physical substance with scientific explanations, it's a fascinating object. Stars are not just huge burning balls of gas, they are mystical shining lights from which lots of magic emanates. Life is not just something that you sit back and let come to you, it's an adventure, you have to reach out and experience as much as possible.

So what happens to the magic? Well, between the ages of 12-14 for the typical person there are many forces that cause most people to lose interest in the magic and they start to see the world using grown-up style logic. Peer pressure, parents, and society itself tell the young people that they have to grow up and start acting "mature", but the mold that society places them in takes the magic away. They learn to look at the world as just a place, everything has an explanation, and magic is something that is found only in fairy tales.

So why does society want to get rid of the magic? Well it doesn't in itself, but the Establishment does. You see, to hold onto society and keep it in its total control the Establishment has to offer a version of reality kept tidy in a nice little box so magic has absolutely no place in it. People who have the magic don't always believe what the Establishment says, they question things, they see things differently.

Not all adults have lost the magic. Some of them grow up, become adults, but never really lose the magic that kids have. Some of these people commonly become writers, artists or simply people with lots of creativity and inspirations. They have the ability to use their imagination and they aren't stuck in a set way of thinking. The thing they find the most frustrating is the fact that others grown-ups (or is that groan-ups :) are so closed-minded, and unable to accept anything but the doctrine that has been driven into them by the Establishment. The grown-ups try to have the perfect explanation for everything, and yet lack the wisdom to conceive the creativity of human imagination.

So what the heck does this have to do with psychology or with the world itself? Well simple. Maybe if more people were to try to rediscover the magic, society could change. Maybe if kids weren't forced to become grown-ups they could actually grow up and maintain the magic factor. Somehow I do not know if the groan-ups (sic) will ever be able to find the magic again, but I do believe it to be possible. Many elderly people rediscover the magic, to realize how much of their life passed them without being able to look at the world through the eyes of a child.

Kids are not racist, they are not sexist, they do not judge by religion, or gender, they do not see skin color as something to look down upon, they do not judge by these external things, and do not oppress people for them. Kids see the world the way it really is. They see it as a magical place. If society wants to rid itself of prejudice and oppression, if the world wants to find the perfect role models of Harmony through Liberty - a world where Unity, Equality and Freedom are not nice things but are the cornerstones of reality, then it has no farther to look than to what everyone is before they lose the magic. Look back at your childhood and remember what the world used to be like, and realize what it could be like again.

The one thing that can stop so much hatred, the one thing that can bring peace to a warring world, that can bring purity to a corrupt world, that can bring understanding to a closed-minded world, that can bring motivation back to a complacent world, and that can bring excitement back to a boring world, the answer to the question is not '42', it's much more magical.

Angels full of Magic

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