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Beauty is not illegal. Beauty is not wrong. Admiring beauty should be celebrated, not punished. A cute girl is a cute girl regardless of her age. Society demonizes and perverts the concept of beauty; whether it be a beautiful person, a sunset or a car it is always soul nourishing to admire something beautiful. Some confused people are unable to think for themselves and come up with the erratic notion that adoring beauty -especially that of the youth- is sick and wrong. We can only wonder how could this possibly be wrong when there are so many people enjoying misery and disgrace. For this reason we would like to ask: since when something beautiful has been harmed by being looked at?

If you think sites like this shouldn't exist then try denying all the cute girls of the world from existence. Or at least, if because of some personal issues you are bothered by the images of cute young girls perhaps you should stay clear of this site... also if your purpose is to only lust about girls then you are definitely looking at the wrong place. This site places the female form on a pedestal as the magical creatures they are and not like an object of desire for some superficially selfish people out there.

For entertainment purposes people normally procure and enjoy a twisted and unhealthy combination of sensationalistic misinformation, violence, hatred and horror. There is an exarcerbating cultural tendency today that seems to praise and acclaim the bad and the evil in this typical righteousness attitude of condemning what many of us fear even from ourselves. We only ponder and question, why not do the same type of allegoric celebration with beauty, happiness, charm and innocence?

AlwaysCute! believes girls are cute and sexy by nature and while there shouldn't be anything morbid about it we also don't think they need to be portrayed in an overly provocative way either.

In this site you will simply find pictures & videos of young girls being themselves. You will not find kids laying on beds with their legs spread open wearing diminute lingerie like in other sites on the web. You will not find any images with blatant or hidden sexual connotations either. Girls as such must be adored & respected for what they are. Girls are much more than just a set of buttocks and a cute face.

There is currently a trend surrounding 'underage' paysites on the web that is not only downright wrong but also misleading:
Don't be misguided. The issue is not about "nude" or "non-nude", it's about what the context and the purpose of the materials in question are. -At least for the law and by the law anyways-
Many websites try to get away (and they actually do) utilizing productions which are sometimes over-sexualized materials of very young girls or utilizing so called "Non-Nude 100% Legal!!11 " pictures and videos that contain heavy sexual connotations. They think just because they are "non-nude" it is fully legal (or even right) to make thick amounts of cash selling them at all costs; even if this means bending the girl over on a bed putting her butt all the way up in a thong.

Of course, this wouldn't add 'insult to injury' if these people didn't attack, condemn and criticize nudity claiming in their mental obfuscation and hypocritical attitude that a naked human body presented even in the most innocent and natural way is evil, sick or wrong.

We can only remind you that you are totally free to see what you want to see. You are the ultimate judge of what comes through your eyes no matter what everybody else tells you and so your final verdict should be the absolute freedom of deciding what you want to watch and what you don't want to watch. (and whether you want to watch something legitimately legal or something questionably illegal)

Then again, let's not forget that at the end of the day, what is appropriate for one person may be inappropriate for another one. This is why such legal definitions are for the most part ambiguous and subjective to say the least.

-For an in-depth analysis to this issue and the many questions that arises regarding liberty and ethics please follow this link-

AlwaysCute! is a true and open advocate for Beauty, Reason, Truth, Liberty, Science, Art, Knowledge, Integrity, Independence, Individualism and Talent and it is also a Hardcore Activist site that abhors human abuse in any of its variants, be it emotional, physical, sexual or psychological. We also reject any type of intent to destroy man's mind, virtues, personality and nature.

Here is a few very common examples of the social hypocrisy regarding young girls:

- A girl over 18 can be pretty but an underage girl can not? Do they magically turn beautiful and sexy on the morning of their 18th birthday? Were they not romantically and sexually curious from a very young age?

- When we were all little kids it was a very normal ocurrence to find older older girls attractive because we knew they were cute; why would it have to be sick or forbidden to feel the opposite? Just because we acknowledge a young girl can indeed be pretty that makes us sick?

- It is socially "okay" for younger girls to feel attracted to older guys but not acceptable for older guys to feel attracted to younger girls? Why is this?
Let's step on some realistical grounds here. It is not uncommon for 8, 10, 12 year old girls to be attracted to, or what is more, feel love for 20-30 year old guys. Are these girls sick? Isn't this more of the actual evolutive call of nature for young girls to pick up the most attractive, more capable, more caring, mature and protective male? Isn't this the actual natural genetic programming in the human being? a natural programming that along world history has successfully been working but that paradoxically we have been trying to suppress in our modern hysterical times? What have we become?
This is more common than what you might want to admit it but we see it everyday, prejudice and ignorance ruling the world, love and emotions being welded shut by empty hearts and closed minds.

- In a gymnastics, dance or swimming class a woman (most likely a mom) can say remarks such as: "ohh look at how cute this little girl is... doesn't she have a nice little bum?" and everyone will agree and smile. But if it happened to be a guy saying these remarks he would automatically be marked as a henious, sick, evil, creepy monster just to say the least.

- And what about those who have the courage and the bravery to openly express their feelings wanting to pursue a relationship of this type even in the midst of this irrational witchhunt? Why do we obstinate ourselves to mark them up in the same lines of the real bad people? Why do we keep oppressing and condemning the purity, sincerity and innocence of real relationships and human attraction regardless of age, sex, race, and even social status? Are we too scared to face the truth that young girls are naturally attractive? Is denying truth and promoting censorship an option? Why do we choose to live in such an stigmatic, prejudiced, malicious society? Are we maybe just too scared of ourselves?

Is raising the age of consent and installing more laws the solution to stop crime & abuse? Is this really effective stopping the bad people from doing harm? And what about those people who are open, sincere and well-intentioned? Is destroying their dreams and their human right to love and be loved worth it for the sakes of others? Or is this just a farse, a game and a living means for some lazy, unintelligent and mal-intentioned people to justify their thick revenues by creating more bureaucracy, manufacturing crimes where there aren't and devouring people's liberties a munch at a time in the name of "security & well-being"?

What about Values? What about Manners? What about Education? What about Integrity? Are we too lethargic to start fixing things up from root?

Do we ever stop and wonder why enourmous amounts of people like to join this type of sites? Are many of these law-abiding, upstanding individuals with otherwise "perfectly normal" lives and personalities, sick & deranged? And what about those folks who grow older, tired, jaded, hopeless and sometimes even angry and cross the lines and decide one day to travel to some remote country in order to pay themselves a 12yo prostitute? Isn't this a clear sign that something is going on that we are not paying attention to from the start?

People: Stop making fools of yourselves. Media & Governments: Stop profiting off scandalous notes and stop pretending to be society's archangels.
The solution for very evil crimes like child molestation is EDUCATION, KNOWLEDGE AND NO CENSORSHIP. Open your eyes, open you mind. Be free. Be GOOD.
More taboos and dark-underground mysteries mean more ignorance, intolerance and malice.
Love is NOT evil

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